One week down, what we’ve learned so far

It’s been one week since we’ve been on the road! Well, since we’ve been living in the Airstream. We’re not exactly “on the road” yet.

Last Thursday after some last minute inspection annoyances, we sold our house to a lovely couple and their son who I know will love that house as much as we did. There were tears at the closing table, and many, many more as Brent and I packed up for the final time and drove away. As we walked out of the house and I took one last look around, I reminded myself there will be other houses and we are on our way to an incredible adventure. No house will ever be worth holding us back from our dream of traveling.

Hot water heater still winterized

Thursday night we drove over to a local state park, albeit a white knuckled drive as it was only our second time hauling a trailer. All went well when we got there, we even filled our water tanks but were hesitant to use the toilet until we could get a good look around in the light of day. The next morning, after a small hiccup with the hot water heater (it was wintertized and not getting any water) we checked the black and grey water tanks and felt comfortable using them. Even with all of the various checklist items, everything was fairly simple to setup. We’re here for a few weeks, then we start moving.

So what we’ve learned so far…

  1. Check the levelness (not sure that’s a word but I’m using it) of the trailer more thoroughly. We bought this very cool, easy to use leveler kit made by Anderson Hitches. It was so easy, just drive on them and stop when level. After a few days we are no longer level, I guess because of some weird settling, we are now slightly out of level and everything leans to one side. Not a big deal except when I cook and everything slides to one side of the pan. I’m not sure how one fixes this – if we over adjust when leveling or just fix later.
  2. Space is a premium. Everything needs to have a place and a purpose which is good because it keeps you organized. However, if you don’t want dogs on the bed, get a bigger trailer because if they are not on the bed, they’re just in the way. I’ve gotten in the habit of making the bed in the morning and covering it with “doggie blankets” to attempt to keep our comforter semi clean.
  3. So. Much. Cleaning. We learned fairly quickly shoes off as soon as you walk in the door. I sweep and wipe the floors if not every day, every other day. Also, don’t ever think dishes can “wait until later.” Dirty dishes means no kitchen. So we clean up right away.
  4. Constant Rearranging. Our soon to be besties from Wandering Nation let us know we will figure it out where everything goes eventually, and often.
  5. Pee Sickles. We shouldn’t run into this often since we will be following the warm weather but make sure the black tank has totally cleared the stinky slinky or you’ll wake in the morning with pee sickles inside the stinky slinky. Luckily the pee sickles were small enough to just flush down with warm grey water.
  6. Trash. We have a tiny trash can in our Airstream so we have to keep a larger trash bag in our car so that critters don’t get into it. I hope to find a better solution than keeping trash in our car.

We have so much more to learn but this was still a pretty easy first week; besides the cold weather keeping us from enjoying the outdoors more. We were even able to enjoy a few visitors and cook a few great meals.

Once we get more settled, I’ll do a little tour of the Airstream and if you have questions, go ahead and comment below and if I have enough interest, I’ll do a little Q&A post.

Happy travels!

2 thoughts on “One week down, what we’ve learned so far

  1. Tameka

    Brent we miss you already but I am so excited for you and your wife new journey. I want to go 🙂 keep in touch!

  2. Ron & Sheila Maxwell

    We waved to you on I95 just outside Gardiner, Me. Enjoy your trip!

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