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Here we go…we’re really doing it! Full time RV Living

Here we go! To most of you this will be a huge surprise, for some you’ll be excited that we can finally talk about it! If you know me, you know keeping secrets is not my strong suit. Don’t worry I’ll keep your secrets, but I love to talk about myself so keeping this exciting secret under wraps was EXCRUCIATING!


Yes, it’s true! If you’re in the majority of people that didn’t know you probably have lots of questions like “Why? Where did this come from? How are you going to make money? Are you crazy?”

Well, we may be crazy but not because we are becoming full time travelers.

So settle in with a nice glass of wine, your favorite craft beer, or a good ‘ole cup of Joe and I’ll start with the obvious question…


And to that I say “Why not?”

Brent and I are really good travel partners that love to take on an adventure. If you’ve known us, you know our vacations are not average vacations. Our only carribean travelwas to a cliffside private home in the Dominican Republic. Our other vacations include driving cross country hitting as many National Parks as we could, a Christmas cruise up the Rhine River in Germany, hiking Joshua Tree, Glacier, Yellowstone, Redwoods, Badlands, and Tetons. Many trips all over California, up to Canada, and down to South Carolina. At this point, between the two of us we’ve visited almost every state in the US.

We were bored with our day to day lives. Sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep, work, it was all becoming very redundant and we discovered we are not stationary people. At first we thought we would move to San Francisco but found that finding jobs on the other side of the country wasn’t as easy as we thought. So we started looking around at some options for getting out of Pennsylvania and blazing our own trail. We started by looking at traveling for a year, and with the guidance of already established full time traveler’s like Heath and Alyssa from The RV Entrepreneur, Cherie and Chris from Technomadia, and Marc and Trisha from Keep Your Daydream we found it’s not only possible but there’s a large community of full time RVers that have been traveling for years.

Once we found the community and started doing our research, we were hooked. This is what we are going to do.


First we had to figure out how to make money and how to afford our traveling lifestyle especially since we knew we wouldn’t be able to buy a travel trailer outright, we’d need to finance a loan. Then there is medical insurance, car insurance, gas, food! How will we eat?! How much will it cost to park our trailer when we want to visit an area for awhile?!

We learned you can do some really cool things to offset the cost of living. First, you can volunteer anywhere! National Parks, State Parks, Museums, Farms, Animal Sanctuaries – just to name a few. Most volunteer positions provide lodging and a lot of times this lodging will include FHU (full hook up) for RVs. This means water, electric and sewage. These are strictly volunteer positions which means no pay, however you don’t need to pay to camp. This is where we thought we would start, we really want to volunteer while we are on the road. We actually interviewed and were offered a position at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse for the summer but ended up turning it down to go to Maine instead.

Then we learned about “Workamping” (Work-Camping) which will provide not only a FHU but will also pay you albeit minimum wage. Most of these positioning are seasonal campground work that varies from maintenance to working the front office. There’s a main website RVers use to find these positions it is called Workamper. Workamper provides a membership with a lot of info, job listings and community support. We will definitely be using them along the way.

We knew we wanted to go to Acadia first, so we started researching campgrounds in Maine and found Mount Desert Campground, run by the Craighead family. After reaching out to Owen Craighead, we scheduled an interview. Low and behold Craig offered us the position and we accepted! Now we need a travel trailer, and we need to sell our sticks and bricks home! Insert here many conversations that include “Are we really doing this?” and “This is really happening.”

In addition to working at MDC, one of the most amazing things that happened is that my current employer is letting me continue to work part-time, which at first I wasn’t sure was going to be an option. I’m very grateful that I work for a company that understands that not all employees need to physically be in the office to do their jobs. I can still be just as effective working from our Airstream as I am working from my home office.

Airstream Living

By the time we had accepted the position at Mount Desert Campground we had already been researching travel trailers. We researched a few brands and settled on an Airstream because they have a reputation for high quality and a better resale value than your typical trailer. And let’s face it, they’re pretty cool looking too.

We twice drove two hours to Colonial Airstream in Lakewood, NJ. Once to look around and the second time to purchase our Flying Cloud 23FB! We purchased our Airstream on 12/28/2017.

Colonial was nice enough to store our Toaster until we were ready to pick it up. We will be picking her up on next week.

Goodbye Hilltop Hacienda

Now for the hardest part of all, we needed to sell our house. It was sad, it was scary, it was hard work purging our lives to fit into 140 square feet. We loved our house, but it was too big and Downingtown wasn’t meeting our need for a fulfilling life. We listed our house for two days and immediately received two offers. The process has been going well and settlement is 3/8. So goodbye Hilltop Hacienda, you were our favorite house but you are going to make the new family very happy.

There you have it folks. After planning for 6 months, we are moving into out Airstream next week, then to a local campground until we take off on April 9th. We will be working in Maine from May 1st to October 10th, then who knows where we will go next and that’s the best part. I hope you’ll follow along on our travels and we explore this beautiful country.

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